Saturday, August 3/02
A happy birthday to Lisa at NYDN!

Saturday, July 20/02
A frugal breakfast of Sloan's birthday party orts.

Yesterday we bristled with deadlines (E.W., N.Y Daily News, Slate, Forbes, Playboy-- simultaneously!) but sank back into an evening fizzy with Woody's coolers, a grand aioli and a plethora of cakes from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook.

Party guests included a clutch of illustrators: the famous Harvey Chan, Sam Sisco, Thomas Dannenberg, Janet McLeod.

Shop talk inevitable.

The famous Harvey will soon be rich and even more famous for his photographs.

We will neither be rich nor famous for drawing Kiefer Sutherland as a cabbage.

But we will be secretly pleased.

Tuesday, July 2/02
Martha Stewart continues to make the news. Financial analysts ponder her fate.

Tuesday, July 2/02

Tuesday, July 2/02

Wednesday, June 12/02
Today's poem: Parliament Hill Fields by Sylvia Plath.

Saturday, June 8/02
Finally, a glimpse of summer. Spent some time finishing up a large package of artwork for Hoa at My Generation Magazine. The project involved developing Neanderthal characters (based on anyone we know?) for an article on Jean Auel and her many pulp cave-fiction novels. (Turns out the characters look like friends/acquaintances of Hoa, too.) Played e-mail tag with Bernie in arranging a dinner bash next week. Sunday it is. Made a brief appearance later at Martin Levin's party--we hadn't even seen his new place near Grapefruit Moon. It was cheek by jowl, so we didn't find some of the people (Adam, Christina, Meg) we wanted to catch up with, but we so enjoyed seeing Martin in situ. Too bad we missed glimpsing Margaret Atwood, who left just before we arrived. We switched places with Peter, who passed Sloan to us for a late-night shopping trip while he caught up with Martin et al. We were too tired for anything but 'za once we hit the road again. Sloan was raring to go, though, and shared some good guacamole with us: avocado, lime juice, fleur de sel, shallots, diced grape-tomato, red & green pepper, tabasco.

Monday, June 7/02
The journal has lift-off! For those of you who had a preview of the website but were edified only by "dummy text," here's the real entry.